Are You Looking to Get Banned By Google?

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Are you looking to get yourself banned from Google? There are a number of things which you can do to make sure that Google thinks that your website as spam. If you don't want to get banned, ensure that you don't do these things.

1: Create your content automatically

Don't take the time to create original content. Use software to create your web pages automatically. You'll save loads of time and you will get a high bounce rate (single page view) because your website visitors likely won't understand your web pages.

Automatically created content is targeted by Google's Panda algorithm (mathematical score for ranking your site in the search engine) so this is a good way to get banned.

2: Use key phrase rich doorway pages & employ cloaking

This is a (very) old method but it still works very well, especially if you combine it with the aforementioned automated content. Create pages that contain a lot of your key phrases for search engines. Subsequently redirect the real visitors of your website to other pages on your site. 

Protip: Redirect your users to pages that are totally unrelated to the content of the doorway pages. Chances are that Google will ban your website even quicker then.

3: Hide text on your web pages or stuff it in!

Also a classic: Instead of using doorway pages, just enter the key phrase rich text on your regular pages. Then hide it so that your website visitors cannot see it. You can do this by using white-text on a white background, with sylesheets (CSS), or with a very small font size. Be creative. A cool way to hide links on your pages is to link dots at the end of a sentence.The other option to get a negative reaction is to add lots of key phrase led text for your anticipated phrases – visible on the page, and expect that the engine will exonerate the lack of landing page link!

The more text you hide on your pages, the more likely it is that Google things that these web pages are spam. The more spam-ridden text on the page, the same conclusion from the engine.

4: Get links in bulk

Getting real links is completely daft and unnecessary. It is much too much work if you want to get banned on Google. Real links will improve your rankings on Google and this is not what we're trying to do here. 

If you want to get banned, you should try to get links in bulk or pay for them: Automatically submit your website to thousands of forums, automatically create forum profile links, buy as many links as you can on as many websites as you can. Make sure that these links always contain the same anchor text.

Google's latest Penguin algorithm has made it more difficult to get penalised by bad links. Fortunately, you will still get a manual penalty if you have enough of these backlinks.

If you want to get higher rankings on Google, avoid the things above at all costs! Use white-hat website optimisation methods, or ethical link building services to get high rankings. Be methodical and understand averages not actuals. A 'top, middle, bottom' approach to quality will be more likely to succeed than one which is all of one weight.

White-hat SEO methods are methods that play by the rules.

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