Art Deco Inspired Architecture

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As you know, Mirror Mania is a huge fan of Art Deco; we’ve talked about our favourite Art Deco inspired rooms on our blog, which you can check out right here, and we have also explored decorating your home with Art Deco right here.

So, in this post, we decided to have a look at some beautiful architecture from around the world to help you catch some inspiration.

A Grand Art Deco Exterior

An art deco building has that distinct modern quality to it – through the use of dark tinted glass. It uses bold geometric shapes which are instantly recognised from the art deco era.

The architectural structure of this building makes the exterior look very compelling and leaves us wondering if it has beautiful art deco inspired ceiling coving on the inside.


Soft Edges

Here, we explore the softer elements of art deco design with curved these feature walls and balcony.

These continuous curved lines also feature inside the house, wrapping around the fireplace in this beautiful sitting room.

Lastly, the porthole door and the warm lighting inspire visions of the curves of a boat which is very fitting, as it overlooks Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.


Sophisticated Simplicity

This simple rectangular building is a Garden Room for a home in Arlington, Virginia which was renovated by Forma, an award-winning Architecture and Interior Design firm. This beautiful decked garden entrance is lit up by lighting that accentuates the clean lined structure of the building for some additional night time art deco luxury.



Geometric Art Deco Elements

This may just be our favourite one – with its minimal front garden and quirky succulents dotted around. What makes this property stunning is the wonderful use of nature and raw materials against the clean lines – It is certainly not short of character. The geometric block wall with the mailbox and metallic house numbers really complement the shape of the rest of the home.


Layered Shapes

This art deco inspired home in San Anselmo, California was built in the 1930s by architect, Hervey Clark. The building mixes sharp and curved lines and features the same detail through the interior of the home also. The cladding on the exterior and interior adds to the art deco theme of clean geometric lines, plus the view is stunning.

See more here.

Art Deco Entrance

This striking entrance dates back to 1927 and the interior is equally stunning with art deco wall art and ceiling art. The contrast of the concrete with carved decorative motifs against the brilliant stained glass windows and iron double door take us back to the era when art deco design was born. Of course, we love the colourful stained glasses windows that create an instant focal point on the staircase and bar area.

Large Art Deco House

Besides the beautiful application of rectangular shapes, straight lines, and curved elements being distinct qualities of art deco design, the rounded windows break up the repetitive sharper edges of the design and make it feel more modern. The matching window frames, decorative balcony railing and door pull the house design together and look very distinctive.


Glamorous Horizontal Lines

This small art deco home makes use of these sophisticated horizontal lines and large windows to make it seem much larger. The central layered façade also adds height to the ground floor and the dramatic lighting accentuate the layered art deco detail. The floor to ceiling windows curtained with a sheer fabric add elegance to the overall look of the home.

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