How To Create The Perfect Summer Conservatory

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Summer is synonymous with soaring temperatures, bright blue skies and smiling faces. So it’s a shame that these hot months have a habit of vanishing just as quickly as they appear. Before we know it, we’re back to grabbing a brolly and zipping up coats to the neckline as we head out the door.

You can’t make summer last forever, but you can make the most of it while it’s around by transforming your home’s conservatory. With a few careful tweaks here and there, you can create a superb summery space that lets you soak up every precious second of the year’s best season.

White and wicker

Choosing breezy tones and shades for your conservatory furnishings can go a long way to instilling a summer ambiance. White and beige hues hint at a beach porch vibe that immediately sends the mind into vacation mode, and light-coloured pillows sat atop of wicker chairs and sofas keep the surroundings looking fresh and laidback all season long.

A little greenery

Popping a few plants across your conservatory won’t just bring a bit of nature into your home – it’ll also help to keep things feeling fresh and airy. Conservatories can get stuffy when the sun’s been beating down on top of the glass for several days in a row, and whilst fans can offer some relief, plants help to increase ventilation and keep the air clean. Studies have also shown that plants can lower blood pressure too, rendering your conservatory the ultimate chill-out spot.

Spread things out

A tightly packed conservatory will quickly become a sweatbox that you’ll want to stay away from when the sun comes beaming down. In order to create a cool, calm, tranquil room, you should take the time to open up as much space as you possibly can.

Ditch the idea of using your conservatory as a dumping ground for coats, bags, and shoes, and spread out your chairs and tables so you have room to walk freely. Furnishings with storage space below deck are a particularly good investment. An open interior is a relaxed interior, after all.

Shade when you need it

As soothing as the sunshine might feel on your skin, you’ll need to make sure your furniture isn’t exposed for a prolonged period of time. Fabric can be severely damaged by UV rays, but you can prevent discolouration by fitting some made to measure conservatory blinds across your windows. This will not only protect your interior; it’ll also keep excessive heat from seeping indoors too.

Dedicating a bit of time to decorating your conservatory now means you’ll have a fine room in which to enjoy the remaining weeks of the summer. If you’d like a few more design tips that can help you transform your property, get in touch with the Hartleys team today and we’ll be happy to give you some guidance. Feel free to swing by our Skipton showroom too if you’d like to see some of our interior ideas in the flesh. 

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