Baby Fresh and Nutrition4Kids Collaboration

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At Baby Fresh we aim to provide parents a wide variety of nutritional and easy to cook meal kits that they can make at home for their children. When Joanne started weaning her youngest daughter it was becoming more popular to try baby led weaning and she wanted to give it a go but with so much different advice out there it was hard to know where to start, plus the need to get such a variety of foods, it was very easy to fall into serving broccoli all week when there is a full broccoli in the fridge, everything was a little daunting and time consuming to plan. This is why Baby Fresh was born with a huge variety of ingredients, flavours, new foods and recipes, we make baby led weaning and beyond much easier with our meal kits and subscription plans. All the plans are organised by day with the prepared ingredients and recipes for each day, much easier when the planning is done for you.

It is so important to introduce a variety of foods early to a babies diet for many reasons including food acceptance, enjoyment, nutrition and developing new skills. Research into this area has demonstrated that there is a potential “window of opportunity” in babies under 1 where they are more willing to accept new foods. As a result, exposing them to as many flavours, textures and foods early is key. This also helps them later in life by helping to increase their familiarity with more foods and food acceptance and thus prevent fussy eating in the future.

We not only provide meal plans and variety for weaning from 6 months but help families beyond with breakfast and lunches for toddlers with different recipes that provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. From baby to toddler the more varied ingredients means more nutrients, which growing children need to develop, and leads to better long-term health.

All of our recipes include ingredients from each of the 5 key food groups that are need for a balanced diet and help your baby and children get the best start in life. Did you know the following foods are rich sources of these nutrients?

Dairy: Protein, fat, iodine, vitamin B12, calcium

Eggs: Protein, iodine, iron, vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin D

Fruits and vegetables: Antioxidants, vitamin C, B-vitamins, potassium, folate

Meat and fish: Protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids (oily fish)

Pasta: Carbohydrates, fibre, B-vitamins, Zinc

Potatoes: Carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamin C

Our mission is to provide the best nutrition for your babies and toddlers with the meals we provide and as such we were keen to collaborate with another business that is passionate about this as well. We are so excited for this dream team! Nutrition4kids will be analysing all our menus to give you the assurance that each meal has been carefully designed to get the balance right.

Nutrition4Kids was founded by Children’s Dietitian, Dr. Kirsty Porter who is also based in Northern Ireland. She has a wealth of experience working with families for over twelve years in variety of settings such as the NHS, Universities and Private Practice. We both love supporting parents and aim to get everyone falling in love with cooking up nutritional healthy meals in the comfort of their own home.

Working with Dr. Kirsty allows us to develop new recipes that include all the nutrients essential for your baby, like energy, iron, calcium and range of minerals and vitamins for every meal. We only use the freshest and best ingredients to achieve that!  A number of families can have babies and children that have food allergies which can make meal planning stressful. That’s why we have a range of recipes that are dairy, egg and gluten free to support all families. All the ingredients are packed separately so any recipe can be adjusted and we love to work with parents to support their babies needs and make sure they get what they need and enjoy cooking when it can be hard with these food allergies.

Cooking at home means you know exactly what is in each meal with no additives or preservatives, salt or sugar. Instead, flavour is provided using herbs and spices. All premade baby food brands use different methods or preservatives to prolong the shelf life of the food. That’s what makes us different and unique we don’t! With Baby Fresh parents do not have to worry about any additional preservatives or additives, everything is natural using raw ingredients for meals you can prepare at home. Home cooking means you can cook fresh baby meals with the added benefit of batch cooking and stocking up your freezer.

Our collaboration with Nutrition4Kids is under way and we are building up recipes for you as we speak. Check out our recipe kits at and for any questions contact us at Happy cooking.

Dr Kirsty also offers a number of key tips, recipes and support on her social media pages. Why not check her out @nutriton4kidsni. Her website also has blogs and a range of services to support you ranging from baby weaning to managing fussy eating.

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