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Full of cold today with very little sleep last night but I still managed to get over to Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall today to do my manning stint for this week. I love being in the Gallery and I have to say that it is something I am extremely proud of, having been one of the founder seven members of the Staffordshire Artists Co-operative 6 years ago we have continued to grow and we now number fourteen – I have had over a thousand items of jewellery and other beaded items on display in there over the last five and a half years with many sales and commissions as a result. Gallery at 12 is also an sbs winner, please feel free to take a look at their website and view the range of artists and makers we have in our membership. I will be having an exhibition in the gallery in May – my first ever and I am getting very excited about it, although I do have a lot of making to do before then! The plan for today when sat at our desk in the gallery was to get on with some of that making, but as all of my beaded heart valentine cards had sold, I ended up making more cards instead, whilst almost perched on the heater trying to get warm, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of them before putting them on display as a customer was in at the time and I got distracted! 

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