Be sure to have good customer service for a better business!

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This week i seem to of sadly come across 2 separate business' that i wish to buy products from, that are useable for my business.

Now i said sadly, this is mainly due to their big lack of interest in customer satisfaction;

Firstly i came across the following; still listing products for sale on their website, yet not having any of the items in stock, a simple note of not currently in stock would suffice, rather than having an email 2 days later to tell you your not getting your full order. now for this company to take 2 days to respond was quite a surprise given they are a large national company. as was the surprise that they don't have any sense to either remove items they currently do not have in stock, or to label them as such. had i known the items were out of stock i would obviously not of wanted to buy them.

Secondly, with a different company I've come across, a seller whose product is great, (hence i buy it) but has one of the most unhelpful websites to navigate, with a complete lack of required information, and to add to this has no communication skills when on the phone or email, as they will either not respond to questions or give any further information to help you find what your looking for, and only gets in touch if they have to ask you what you require because you haven't provided all the information they require.

Now to me, good customer service, means telling your customers what you have or don't for sale, your happy and prompt at responding to their requirements and needs, because you want that new customers money, because you know if you have good customer service you will have return customers, which means your business will do well.

Buy following basic rules, and being interested in your product, business and customers, you will succeed in business, where others that don't have the interest simply wont.


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