Bedroom Furniture: A Handy Checklist

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There’s a room that’s special to all of us, isn’t there? Our bedroom is our inner sanctum, our escape from the world outside and entry into a sphere of calm and personal style.

But what are the key aspects of a bedroom to cherish? Can they be nailed down, defined, and recommended unerringly? We’re giving it our best shot, as we run through a checklist for bedroom furniture that’ll bind your décor together…

Fitted wardrobes for life

Free standing wardrobes are all well and good, but for a starting measure to your bedroom, a fitted wardrobe will appear seamless in your grander design schemes. Aside from their space-saving attributes, fitted wardrobes can transform a corner space entirely, melding to your walls with an exact and harmonious quality.

Fitted models have a sense of perfectionism about them, as if they couldn’t possibly be anywhere else. That’s because, technically, they can’t – it is your bedroom, in all its unique dimensions, that gets to enjoy it. Sliding wardrobes are even better for crisp, effortless practicality, holding all of your clothes and bags with no trouble at all.

A high-quality dressing table

Getting ready in the morning shouldn’t be a haphazard affair. A gorgeous, hand-painted dressing table will make you pay attention to the more painterly touches of your daily routine.

French-style tables stray in and out of vogue, whilst modern variants – such as white gloss with a thin curvature – resist dominating your setup. Rest against a window, and breathe in the wash of natural light that’ll backlight your mirror.

Side drawers, right where you need them

Whether you’re a voracious reader, a late-night TV fan looking for somewhere to keep the remote, or owner of a trillion odds and sods, bedside drawers are incredibly good for casual storage. They’ll accumulate a character that’ll speak directly to you – it’s always gratifying to find a worn old photograph hidden beneath bracelets and birthday cards.

Don’t scrimp on them, though, because they can be more than just a feature for random clutter. Topped with a stylish lamp, a side table can become a true focal point of the bedroom. We recommend something sturdy, possibly matt painted or a mirrored Venetian design.

An amazing bed, of course…

We saved the best for last: beds are, quite appropriately, the core of any bedroom, and Hartleys Rooms can’t help but love their showcase potential. If you want to imbue your interior with a sense of gravity, then dark, thick duvet spreads are your greatest option, twinned with industrial-style lighting. You may, instead, go for an airier, Scandi look, with a bed base raised a fair height off the ground and plumped with cushions.

Really, it’s the wall colour that’ll dictate your bed’s appearance, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. Too many contrasts, or a garish headboard railing against simplistic choices elsewhere, will make the bed stand out for the wrong reasons.

With this checklist to consider, you have the basics of a dream bedroom, waiting to be built with all the imagination you can muster. Hartleys offer beautiful, bespoke bedroom furniture, constructing the finest details of your décor. We’d like to tell you more, so get in touch, or visit our showroom today for amazing furnishing ideas.


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