6 ways to update your home without redecorating

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We are constantly looking to improve and beautify our homes. After all, it is our home and nothing feels better than having a safe, clean and beautiful house to come home to after a long day at work. Total renovation is a perfect way to achieve what we really want but it can be costly. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a major renovation to update your home.


Being resourceful is the key to updating your home without the pressure of full redecoration – There are a lot of things you can do that won’t only save your pocket, but also satisfy your burning need for an update.


Your home is the perfect shop for something new

Are you throwing those empty glass jars of yours away or do you just have them stocked in the storage ready to be recycled but never got around to it? Those jars are perfect for turning something old into something new. Just clean them up, remove the labels and these can be perfect lighting accessories to add in your home. You can use them as flower vases, candle holders – Let your creativity take over. You don’t need to limit yourself to repurposing old glass jars, you can use old CDs and turn them into coasters with a little paint, utilize empty wine bottles and old magazine to turn them into something new too.


Lenahan Residence Decorating with Vignettes Dreamy Whites


Get creative with fabrics

Never underestimate the power of your curtains, table runners, throw pillows and bed sheets. You don’t have to make any changes in your other furniture and accessories, just completely change the style of fabric and you will feel like you are in a brand new home.

For example, if a room is quite neutral, you could add a pop of colour through your curtains or you could even add a colourful blind alongside the curtains you are already using. Bring through some new home accessories to complement the pop of colour in the new fabrics you have chosen.


Retro Beach House in Alys Beach, Florida London


Light it up

Experiment with your choice of lighting. If you have warm lighting right now, having a cooler one will give you an impression that your room is bigger and brighter. Or make a bright room cozy and warm with some dim lighting. You could even create both atmospheres with a big bright ceiling light and add some dimmed down table lighting to your side tables for when you want to relax.


Amanda Modern Crystal Ceiling Light in Polished Chrome Crystal Table Lamp - Amadeus with White Pleated Shade


Bring the outside inside 

Plants and flowers are a simple way to liven up your home and leave it smelling lovely and feeling fresh. Buy a large vase and get some fresh flowers each week. You could choose different colours and types each time to keep your room looking a little different. Or you prefer, you could go to the garden centre and choose some potted plants that you can bring inside your home whenever you want to switch things around.

You could even create a beautiful new garden scene in front of your windows so that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the outdoors from inside your house.


Huniford Design Studio, Getaway to the 2013 Holiday House Hamptons Park Slope Revival


De-clutter and Rearrange

Take time to tidy your space and get rid of things that no longer serve you and you will be amazed how much space you will gain. Let go of those unnecessary things in your house if you have no use for it or don’t like the style of something in the room anymore. This new space of yours will even give you the space to move your furniture around. It won’t cost you a thing and by giving old possessions away to a charity, the things you once loved can be given a new lease of life in someone else home.


Summer 2013 Carol Vaughan-Davis


Paint over it

It is so simple and is a really effective means of transforming your home without spending a lot. Paint the over your current wallpaper, paint the doors and even your furniture. This is a guaranteed inexpensive way to update to your home.


Annalisa at Mediterra Contemporary House


Our homes play a huge role in enhancing our mood so if you are not happy with a certain room in your home but don’t want to take on a huge redecoration project why not give one of these ideas a try?

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