Broadband making you want to pull your hair out? Try a leased line.

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Does your business rely on the internet? Is your broadband making it hard for your employees to work? Have you considered a leased line?

A leased line is a line completely dedicated to you, they’re available at higher speeds which means faster uploads and no slow-down at peak times. It’s more reliable than broadband or fibre.

A recent OnePoll study discovered that, on average employees are losing up to 44 minutes every week due to bad connectivity and broadband speeds. That means your business loses a weeks’ worth of work over a year, which in turn means you’re losing money.

Switching to a leased line, not only offers you faster connectivity but it helps with productivity – so you can get the most out of your employees. The faster speeds make it ideal to use VoIP and a faster adoption of the latest technologies make it ideal for cloud migration.

As well as the benefit of improved telephony you’re creating a more secure environment, as a leased line isn’t shared with others. Your traffic is completely private, making it the most secure way to communicate. You’re guaranteed reliability – traffic redirection failover options ensure your connection is constantly reliable and if anything did happen, you’ll benefit from a five hours to fix time, instead of 5 – 10 days like broadband and fibre.

So what is the real cost of slow internet?
At least £11bn is lost each year in the UK from lost productivity due to slow internet connection and downtime, and 10% of employees who are effected by the down time have admitted they look for other jobs during these periods because they can’t work. Can your business afford to lose money and employees?

At first you may be thinking, this is going to cost a lot, but in the long term you’re going to save money. From switching telephone systems to VoIP you could save £450 per year, and if you’re taking out your leased line to join the cloud, you no longer have to buy expensive hardware which can reduce costs dramatically – 74% of businesses have seen their IT costs fall thanks to faster internet speeds allowing them to move to the cloud. More importantly, your data is secure, which is a huge benefit to modern businesses, especially when unsecure data could cost you a fine of £500,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

With reduced downtime, increased security and better use of the latest cloud technologies you can make your business more efficient, reduce running costs and increase productivity with a leased line.

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