What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

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It’s not an understatement to say that our bedrooms are the innermost soul of our homes, the place where we let our personalities roam freely without second guesses. They can be a symbol of a marriage, an epitome of bachelorism, or final proof that some of us never really grow up (and shouldn’t have to!).

If you’ve ever wondered what your bedroom says about you, let us pave the way for self-discovery: Hartleys sees furniture as an extension of the individual, and you should be confident in painting a picture of who you are. It’s the room, after all, that you’re likely to enjoy the most…

A Towering Achievement

You might have never shaken the travel bug, or that creative passion, or artefacts of friendship that mean more to you than language can justify. Where some may see reams of books, souvenirs, and photographs as basic clutter that should be tidied away, the bedroom magpie experiences deep pleasure being surrounded by the steps of their journey through life.

‘Mess’ is always subjective. We fully encourage you to mix and match your favourite trinkets with some vibrant décor. Wall hangings are great to set a bohemian tone, whilst furry bed throws bring a nice base for you to sit and admire your acquisitions. Patterned lamp shades are prized by the artistic spirit, so placing a few decorative, standing items around the room can really speak to your energy, taste, and unabashed tendencies.

Clean and Simple

Of course, the opposite approach can also be something to behold. For those who pride themselves on organisation and a calm demeanour, spacious interiors are probably your best friend. This doesn’t mean going for physical space, although we bet you’re in love with commanding wardrobes featuring straight, clean lines.

Openness can be expressed through white or cream walls, stretches of bubbling carpet, and minimalistic bedside tables. Even your bed might be a shrine to precision, sitting low to the ground, devoid of ostentatious headboards and the like.

Youth in Revolt

Tempting though it is to go for a brisk, modern bedroom that announces your adulthood, some of us stray back to simpler times. We all remember our childhood bedrooms, and think fondly of the hours we’d spend dreaming about the future. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, but surprisingly, there are ways to update your love of classic furniture without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

Hand-painted wardrobes, for one, are a good start, expressing a solid, crafted feel that makes us feel cared for. Over-bed shelving is brilliant for storage, and gives your favourite fluffy bears or model kits pride of place. Traditional bedroom furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, and it’ll depend on what you covet most about your younger self.

We’ll reiterate it – don’t ever scrimp on your deepest affections when kitting out a bedroom. It’s your personal sandbox, meaning you should put as much thought as you can into pulling off a space that never fails to impress you.

If you’re looking for bespoke bedroom furniture, Hartleys Rooms is second to none. To discuss your grand designs, give us a call on 01756 700 471 or pop into our Skipton showoom.

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