Bumps & Bashes First aid for parents 1st Blogg (ever)

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Thank you Theo and team

I had a great day at #SBSEvent2015 and met lots of lovely, hard-working people. Thank you to Theo Paphitis and his team for making it extremely inspiration and for helping small businesses. Putting on this events gave us all the opportunity to meet each other and I felt privileged and a day off, well spent.  I know behind the scenes of any event, does not happen without lots of preparation before and behind the scene, so it was much appreciated. Twitter and other peoples’ tweets is a way of getting to know other businesses and business owners and I feel like I know many without actually meeting face-to-face.


A bit about Bumps & Bashes, first aid specifically for parents of babies & children and me.

I’m Kate Naylor, wife & proud mum of a son & daughter, who I feel are my greatest achievements. I love my hectic life.  I’m also the founder and franchisor of Bumps & Bashes first aid specifically for parent’s company, which started in 2009.  We are not your typical hard hat, high visibility jacket, health & safety first aid training company, as we only specialise in baby & children first aid. We are first aid trainers who have been there and have experience of loving and wanting the best for our children and are all mums.

It’s been a very exciting journey, although enjoyable it’s been hard too. I franchised Bumps & Bashes in November 2012 and we are delighted to have just finished training our 6th franchisee and now have our very first franchise in Ireland.

If you know of a mum who would like to run their very own Bumps & Bashes franchise, work and grow around their own family and at the same time, teach life-saving skills to other parents, ask them to get in touch.

In the meantime, Good luck with your businesses and I’ll look out for you on Twitter.

All the best Kate @bumpsandbashes



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