Decisions Decisions………….

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So before Friday I was thinking that it was time to walk away from Rosebud by Design with my head held high knowing I'd tried my best but I just didn't pull it off.

Since the win back in June 2014 I've had a rollercoaster of a few months – the high of winning and then the lows of just not being able to get the quantity of sales I'd dreamed of. I blamed myself for this, for just not being able to plow the time and effort into it that it desperately needed. I mean who tries to run a business whilst also doing a fulltime job – i must be mad!

Then Friday came……

I sat surrounded by everyone all experiencing similar highs and lows to myself but still plowing on because its a dream they wanted to achieve. I felt humbled that i was surrounded by such strong individuals. I suddenly felt like i shouldn't be there almost that i didn't deserve to be there – why should i be there when only days earlier i wanted to walk away from it all?

Then something hit me, i suddenly remembered why i started Rosebud in the first place, why I'd plowed all my savings into it, what it meant to me? I listened intently while everyone shared their stories of success and thought one day that could be me I just need to get my head in gear and pull myself together.

Which is exactly the stage i'm at today, only i have one major decision to make……….

do i continue to work full time and struggle to promote the dream ive worked so hard for.


do i make the decision to walk away from my full time job and plow all my time into the dream, which will be a struggle for a while but a possibility.

I just don't know what to do!?! 🙁

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