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Flooring was often so overlooked and underrated as a form of design/decoration in the past, Not anymore!

Countless designers are now implementing their designs, settings & themes based on the flooring they choose first. The floor (or 5th wall as some are now calling it) was a huge space that never had the attention it genuinely deserved.

Gone are the days where a dull grey coloured carpet tile is selected when the office is undergoing it’s refurb, now it’s vibrant “eye catching” colours with quirky patterns incorporated along with the new trend of using several colours from the same range to highlight specific workspaces & areas.

In this short rundown we’re not going to rattle on about the same old boring facts and  highlighting the benefits of carpet tiles/planks etc blah blah blah (not much anyway) We simply want to show you what is achievable with this product, the design capabilities & how we at  G HARDING FLOORING can supply, install & maintain this form of flooring for you.

With so many manufacturers offering ever changing colours and designs, it may feel a little daunting to decide on what best suits your character.

Finding it’s way into more & more offices recently are hexagon shaped carpet tiles. These are relatively new to the UK market and provide a fresh innovative style of flooring, really adding impact, colour & design to its surroundings. 


Another favourite currently are the carpet plank ranges. These allow users to create a vast array of patterns and borders. These planks are incorporated into the design/workspace of the entire offices, helping give structure and defining spaces in “open plan” premises. When it comes to installations, tiles/planks offers the chance to refurbish whole commercial premises with minimal disruptions  due to the fitting methods available.



This trusty style has been around since the 50s & is still going strong. It’s the “GO TO” choice for reliability, ease of installation along with durability and a great choice to minimalise waste.

As with the above styles/ranges, it ticks all the boxes necessary for high traffic areas with perks such as sound absorption, Anti static options whilst also contributing towards a healthier environment inside. Carpet is able to trap airborne irritants and allergens within its fibres, keeping them out of the breathing zone until they can be removed by vacuuming.


Although carpet tiles are relatively easy to install, mistakes will commonly be made by enthusiastic D.I.Y’ers & amateurs. Failing to measure the space you intend to fit along with not setting out “working lines” correctly and accurately, will begin to cause you problems almost instantly.

Always ensure you leave adequate space along all walls, failure to do so will result in tiny pieces of carpet having to be used which can look unsightly. A good technique is to start from the centre creating 2 lines forming a cross. This then allows you to work from good structured lines a minimises the chance of you creating gaps on the edges of the tiles commonly know as “windows”.

The problems with these come from the tiles not being correctly “butted” together, once this occurs it is hard to adjust. Don’t make the mistake of trimming full tiles to meet up with each. This will have a “knock on” effect resulting in having to cont

The “bite sized” benefits of carpet tiles:

– Less wastage on materials
– Easy to repair & replace damages areas
– Abundance of design options
– Minimal disruption of furniture removal
– Recyclable options
– Anti static properties

If you require any further information or advice on carpet tiles/planks or have a current or future project where you feel we could help, please feel free to get in touch with us at
                G HARDING FLOORING.

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