Christmas Décor Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of!

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The magic atmosphere of Christmas is indebted to our decorations. But achieving that charming effect isn’t always easy. Too little, and the home will look bare. Too much, and you risk wandering into gaudy territory.

One of the best ways to instil that special Christmas vibe is to ditch the typical ornamentation and embrace a whole trend instead. Here, we’ve picked out some of the most attractive festive styles that can light up your home this winter.

Winter woodland

One of the definitive images of Christmas time is a red-chested robin perched on the brown branches of a snowy white pine tree. For 2017, you can use these hues as inspiration to build an interior winter woodland.

Speckle shades of emerald green, soft sage and rich red around your living room furniture with pillows, blankets and baubles, whilst embellishing the windowsills with bronze pine cones. Hanging up endearing animal and bird decorations can also help to bring the outdoors inside.

Glimmering grandeur

Christmas doesn’t have to be swamped in whimsy and endearment. In fact, opulence and elegance work just as well at this time of year. Draw on the glitz and glamour of a big corporate Christmas event this festive season by opting for more upmarket décor.

Gold and silver metallic colours are particularly effective when it comes to instilling this trend; especially when they’re apparent in the form of candle holders, balloons, ornaments or even kitchen crockery. Boutique-style decorations can give your surroundings a glimmering grandeur that will leave all your guests mightily impressed. 

Christmas cabin

Ever wanted to spend a weekend in a cabin during the festive period? You aren’t the only one. A particularly popular trend for winter 2017 is the “Christmas cabin” appearance, whereby people deck out their living areas and bedrooms with lodge-like decorations.

If you already have wooden flooring and a roaring fire, your home is perfectly built to accommodate the log cabin look this Christmas. Throw down some thick, soft rugs for a warm, cosy effect, and add rustic decorations in the form of lanterns, pottery, and stone pieces to complement these features nicely.

Homespun charms

When all the family are down for the holidays, you may want to infuse an adorable ambience that mirrors the warm mood under your roof. Homemade items work a dream in this scenario.

Knitted jumpers, stitched up stockings and DIY Christmas tree decorations are all suitably charismatic additions, whilst hand-painted wardrobes will help spread the trend into your bedroom. Leaves and wood pieces brought in from the outdoors can also prove adept at creating a natural, humble feel to surroundings.

Careful, simple touches here and there are all that’s required to transform your home into an irresistible Christmas haven. If you need any help along the way, the Hartleys team are here to offer support. Simply give us a call on 01756 700 471 or leave a message. There’s nothing we love more than bringing the festive spirit into homes with bespoke furniture solutions!

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