SEO the self build method … bringing fluid results

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Being a small business I've had a make do and partial investment in building a new website when I felt the need was there (making the website mobile friendly being a major factor).

Now if you feel you need to spend money on improving your website SEO instead of looking outside of the business why not look at spending some time on it yourself.

There are logical reasons for this:
1. You know your own business.
2. You know the background and results and projects you have worked on.
3. Cost – it'll be cheaper for the business.
4. As long as the website back-end structure isn't complicated you can get a handle on the website.

I'm using a WordPress based platform with Divi and this has been invaluable when building up the website contect and improving the SEO. The other thing has been YouTube that has enabled me to utililse Divi and WordPress to the benefit of the business.

Are you linked to social media on website?
1. This indicates to Google that there is regular activity on website via Twitter/Facebook posts.
2. People visiting your site see that you're on the platforms straight away.

As with most things, it's also a time management issue. Treat this time as you would marketing your business, and if you think about it that way it will help with Key Words on the website pages and most importantly .. BE HONEST.

What are the results?
1. Around 5 page 1 regional listings and 2 page 2 national listings.
2. More awaress of the business and become much more visible.
3. Frankly, it's just made me happy that the time and work on website has paid off.

Now I'm lucky that the business has got a big variety bucket of things to write, tweet and put on the website. Be it a stand alone page for the Theo Paphitis #SBS win, the same for the Jacquline Gold #MOM, or the varied blogs for both and other networking the business is involved in weekly along with past projects has helped with the SEO.

Lastly, treat your website like any other marketing tool at your disposal. Change, improve and re-structure to get the benefit for your small business.

Happy SEOing.

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