Christmas is coming…Why we love traditional wooden toys.

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Christmas is coming….Why we love Traditional Wooden Toys

It is that time of year when we are deciding what toys Santa will bring to our good boys and girls. Plastic, wooden, branded, character related….There is so much to choose from.

We love traditional wooden toys at The Bear and Miss Rabbit. But why?

Well, there are lots of reasons…

As a parent myself, I want toys that look great, will last, encourage imaginative play and will provide hours of entertainment in a variety of ways and I feel wooden toys achieve this.

Wooden Toys have a feel of quality about them. You feel as if you have invested in a gift that will last. The design of them is tried and tested having been around for many generations.

But the main reason we love traditional wooden toys is because they involve children.

I love seeing how children develop and explore with wooden toys; watching children physically interact with the toy by pushing, pulling, turning, or connecting its pieces and parts. This leads to a more imaginative mind.

penguin pushalong

Even better – I love the way that children aren’t restricted by a wooden toy. The way that the parts of a wooden toy can be used in different ways .  Are these coloured wooden blocks that we can build and stack; or are they pretend pots of paint for our teddies to use? Are these wooden animals from a chunky puzzle; or are they wooden animals to make a farm? The possibilities are endless with so many ways to play.

Learn new vocabulary as children immerse themselves in a small world of wood – wooden kitchens, wooden food, pirate ships, puppet theatres, shops and so much more. A classic wooden toy is sure to be a favourite in any household.

Wooden toys also have a longer lifetime for your child. A wooden walker with alphabet blocks can be used as a walker; to learn colours; to stack the blocks, to learn the alphabet; to make words…and will last through the preschool years and first few years at school.

Wooden Toys also tend to be timeless in their appeal.  This is timeless in both their design, the way they look and how long they last. I already have some of our traditional wooden toys stashed safely in the loft for future grandchildren – and I am sure my own children will be delighted to share their wooden toys with our future generations.

Tidlo London Train SetTidlo wooden pirate ship


What do you prefer – the bells and whistles of plastic, or the imaginative timelessness of wood?

Will you have traditional wooden toys under your tree this Christmas?

Let me know!

Tracy x

Traditional toys, gifts and arts and crafts that everyone will love.

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