Is Video Important

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As a creative director a video production company it is safe to suggest that I think video is a vital part of marketing and showing off your company to your target audience. There are so many statistics from marketing agencies stating that video is becoming the perfect tool of the future. These statistics include:

  • 62% marketers used video in their content marketing
  • Only 20% of visitors actually read the text on a website compared to 80% who will watch video.

There a millions of videos out there, and thousands of those are corporate. It is getting harder to make your business stand out online, which is why there are various tools that companies should consider to increase their SEO, representation of the company and the trust of potential clients. We do stress that a video should be more than just a product to try and get thousands of viewers. It can train employees, make life easier for your customers, inform on a new product or range and so on…

Video is a chance for you to really show what you can do in a short amount of time. If the video is cared about then it can do wonders.

We have had clients come to us to fix problems made by other companies, we've also had clients who are, at first, reluctant about having video because of a previous bad experience with another video production team. Just like a website  and your business, video does need care and close attention to detail and that is why we do this. We love making compelling and exciting films that make a difference and we want this style of corporate filmmaking to become the new standard.

If you do have questions or concerns regarding whether video will suit your company then we are here to help.



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