Clawing Back Space: Working With Your Home’s Architectural Features

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A lot of effort goes into choosing the ideal home with the appropriate amount of space. But before you know it, you might find that your once-spacious house feels like it has no space in it at all. However, there are ways to maximise the available room in your home. We’ve put together a few simple ways you can claw space back by making the most of your property’s architectural features.

Transform the loft

The loft is one of the most commonly converted areas of a house because it has such a vast amount of space – and the possibilities are endless.

Converting this upstairs area into an office is an ideal decision if you ever work from home and need that separation from the rest of the house in order to focus. Another idea is to turn it into an extra bedroom if the kids are currently sharing or you often have guests visiting.

The architectural features of a loft are particularly fantastic when creating another bedroom. As well as adding character to a room, the beams and eaves can be used for fitted bedroom furniture.

If you don’t need an extra bedroom but would like more space for clothes, this area could also be converted into a personal dressing room with built-in wardrobes. After a simple fitting, each morning you could peruse your entire clothing collection and choose your outfit in your own private space.

Convert under the stairs

The cupboard under the stairs clearly offers less available room than a loft, and – despite what young Harry Potter fans may think – it’s certainly not the place for a bedroom! However, this space could easily be converted into a pantry, or transformed into fitted storage.

By simply adding shelves, designed to fit the unusual shape, the space can be used to store bulky dry goods or cleaning products. Making the most of this often-overlooked area of the house can help you say goodbye to overflowing kitchen cupboards.

Alternatively, pull-out drawers and fitted rails can add some organisation to the storing away of shoes and coats. Incorporating a smaller cupboard can help tidy away the vacuum cleaner and mop – minimising the possibility of an accident when you’re next in there!

Make the most of existing rooms

You may find you have redundant existing space in the rooms you use on a daily basis. Any issues with sloping floors can easily be overcome with a bespoke storage solution, and if you have a chimney breast in your living room the alcoves to either side make a great place for shelving. Even if you feel that your ceilings are too low, and you can’t find any freestanding furniture that will fit, a made-to-measure design is a perfect option.

So it may actually be easier than you think to create more space in a house by working with your architectural features. To add this extra space to your home, speak to Hartleys for guidance on how best to make use of our bespoke furniture and fitted storage.

Feel free to contact our team today on 01756 700471, or if you’d like to see some of our furniture in the flesh you can visit our Skipton showroom.

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