Which radiator heating element is best for you?

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Radiator heating elements allow you to convert your radiators to electric, they're great for keeping your towels dry in the summer time when you don’t have the boiler on. If a room isn’t currently served by the central heating system, it could be cheaper to install an electrical heating element rather than extending your plumbing. It's also helpful for when one room is feeling a little cold (for example the bathroom, just before you take a shower), but the rest of the house is a comfortable temperature. You don't want to switch the boiler on because this will waste energy heating up the rest of the house up unnecessarily. They allow you to power that one radiator to heat up that one room.  It’s a great way to save energy and ultimately save money on your heating bills.

We have various electrical elements available, finding the right one for you all depends on what functions you require.

The three main functions we offer is the Thermostatic function, the timer and the Bluetooth functionality. The thermostatic function gives you different heat levels and this gives you more control on the heat output of the radiator. Elements with a timer allow the setting of a higher heating power at certain times throughout the day and then after which the heating element will return to its previous setting. This is a great function to have if you will be using the element to dry towels. The Bluetooth function gives the added benefit of having wireless communication with the mobile phone application, allowing you to program any required number of heating cycles right from your mobile phone!


The Terma MEG thermostatic electrical heating element offers 5 temperature settings ranging from 30°C to 60°C. An electronic temperature sensor guarantees precise temperature control. The device has diodes to indicate both current and set temperature.


Thanks to an electronic sensor, the Terma ‘DRY’ electric towel rail element maintains a constant temperature of 48°C. DRY has an enhanced timer that automatically turns the heater off after 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours, making it an excellent choice if you will be using the element to dry towels.


Terma MOA electric heating element offers 5 temperature settings ranging from 30°C to 60°C. The device displays the current set temperature level and the status of the heating cycles using illuminated diodes. It also has a dryer Function, allowing the setting of a higher heating power for two hours, after which the heating element returns to its previous state.


The main goal was to create a practical and easy to use heating element which does not dominate the radiator with its form. It’s subtle and stylish. ONE element has two heating levels as well as an automatic switch-off mode after 2 hours. All the functions are controlled by just one button and the current working mode is shown by means of a single multi-coloured LED.


The KTX 3 electrical element offers adjustable temperature levels ranging from 30°C to 60° in steps of 1°C. The KTX 3 utilises the Terma-Split System allowing disconnection of the heating element (Terma Split) from the controller. It has a 24-hour timer that allows you to program up to 4 intervals for heating at a pre-selected temperature or to switch between heating and power off states. The dryer function allows a controlled temperature and drying time, after which the heater will return back to its previous state.


The KTX 4 electrical element has 5 temperature settings that range from 30°C to 60°C. It’s also designed for use with the Terma split controller. It has an enhanced Timer that will automatically turn the heater off after 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours. This heating element is capable of wireless IR communication with an external wall controller DTIR or TTIR, which enhances the use of the heating element with additional features.


REG 2 and SIM work in the same way. They both maintain a constant temperature and are both equipped with a bimetallic temperature sensor. Their main objective is ease of use. The only difference between the two is that the REG 2 has a small, spherical controller that indicates on/off operation by the display of an LED.

Bluetooth MOA and Bluetooth KTX 4

We offer both the MOA and the KTX 4 in Bluetooth versions. These have all the same functionality as the normal MOA and KTX 4 heating elements but with the added benefit of having wireless communication with the mobile phone application, meaning you can turn the element on right from your phone!

What heat output should the heating element be?

Now you’ve decided which model you’d like, you now need to find out the heat output you need. To find out this information, you need to know the wattage of the radiator it’s going into. Once you know this then you will be able to match the output of the heating element with the radiator’s output. Element output is measured in Watts, therefore if you only know the BTU output of your radiator you will firstly have to divide by 3.41 to calculate the output in Watts.

All our Terma elements have a tolerance level of approximately 10%, so you’ll need to match the output of the element to the output of the radiator as closely as possible. In most instances it’s better to select an element which is just below the wattage of your radiator; as they have a built-in thermal fuse to avoid overheating. Therefore, you don’t want to use an overpowered element as it will trip the fuse and the element will stop working.

For example, if your radiator has a BTU output of 2780, you would divide by 3.41 to get 815W, therefore you would get the 800W element.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, if you need further guidance deciding which element would be best for you, or if you need any further information give us a call today on 01535 636256 or drop us an email on admin@heating-style.co.uk.

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