Compression wear – Does it matter?

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Compression wear

Nowadays you can pretty much find compression wear being worn across all sports; the question is, does this gear really work?

Perform a quick online search and you will find over 1,700,000 results which got me thinking – do I want to write a blog about the engineered seamless woven fabrics that improve blood and lymphatic flow?

The answer is NO! Looking at the amount of people sporting tights, sleeves, socks, shorts and tops, suggests that there must be some benefit even if it’s ‘all in our heads’.

I’m sure for the elite they may look to compression wear to improve performance or recovery, but there are a number of reasons compression wear has become a big part of sports apparel. I used to play football with a guy who wore a compression top to help hide his expanding waistline! And some people may rush to the nearest stockist to purchase a calf sleeve at the first sign of stiffness. My point is, no matter what your reason, they have their function.

Personally I have a pair of tights which I use as an extra layer on my winter runs; a compression top (short- and long-sleeved) which may or may not be worn! And a pair of compression shorts which are used in fairer weather. I would also like to note that I ALWAYS wear running/training shorts over my compression shorts and tights and this is something I would like to encourage ALL men to do… but would happily hear the thoughts from the ladies!

Our gear is made from a 250gsm high stretch fabric (92% polyester 8% spandex) and constructed with flat-lock stitching.


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