Cool Concepts For A Gadget-Filled Bedroom

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Let’s be honest: we’re all tech-lovers really. The digital age has surged forwards with relentless momentum, and we’re now at the point where we’re lost without our gadgets. Just think how unsettled you feel when your internet connection goes down or your smartphone freezes. Nowadays, tech is tantamount to everything around us.

But whilst we have merrily leapt forward with digital progression, our homes are still the same old structures they always were. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to make your bedroom a hospitable place for new-age devices. Here are a few smart ideas for creating a smart sleeping space.

Develop a docking station

For all the astounding things that technology can do, we still depend on electricity to supply power to our devices when batteries run low. We do this so often, in fact, that setting up a charging station in the comfort of your bedroom is completely worth the time and effort.

All you need is a bedside table with an opening at the back and dedicated compartments within. You can feed the charging wires through the back of the unit into the drawers, placing each charging connector into its own basket. This way, you won’t ever lose your chargers or get them tangled up, plus all your devices can be juiced up in one convenient place.

Build a brainy bed

Nowadays, we go to sleep at night completely surrounded by state-of-the-art devices, so why not bring some of that cool tech into bed with you? Building yourself a smart bed can help you to drift off quickly and even improve your sleeping patterns, so you feel refreshed on a daily basis.

Smart mattresses and even smart duvets are capable of inducing sleep and carefully nudging the user awake – recording sleep habits in the process. If you have bulbs attached to your bed, colour-changing devices can ease the strain of blue light screens, whilst advanced modern bedside alarms can stir you from your slumber with mood lighting or even brew you a pot of piping hot coffee! Kitting out your bed with the latest equipment can go a long way to guaranteeing a soothing night’s rest.

Use freestanding furniture

The more advanced machines don’t need to be plugged in to function, and can be transported from one area to another with ease. Freestanding furniture is the décor equivalent of top tech – which is why it works so well in a gadget-filled bedroom.

The great thing about this type of furniture is that it’s adaptable, flexible, and portable (just like wireless devices!). This allows you tailor it for tech whichever way you please. So whether you’re getting ready to music, relaxing with your Kindle, catching up on emails or on the phone to a friend, your gadgets and bedroom furniture will go hand in hand.

For more design ideas that can turn your bedroom into a digital age haven, give Hartleys a call on 01756 700471, or swing by our Skipton showroom to chat to the team. We’d love to help you bring your bedroom into the 21st century.


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