Creating The Perfect Handmade Pen

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When you’re thinking about buying a gift for a loved one what factors do you consider?

The recipients interests or hobbies? Something they have “hinted at” (if you remember or were listening!) Does a budget play a big part of your decision?

At Treasured Pens, we think that a beautifully crafted pen makes an ideal gift (of course we would say this but hear me out!)

Most people, when you think about it, use a pen everyday. Even in this day and age of smart phones, tablets and wifi, at some point during the day we all need to actually write something down. I don’t know about you but simply finding the note app on my phone takes a long time!

Thats why in our Suffolk workshop, we can create any style of pen from a beautiful ballpoint to a fancy fountain pen. We take the customers choice of material where it goes through several stages to be turned into the pen of choice.

Lets assume for the sake of this article that we’re crafting a wooden fountain pen

Firstly the wood is cut to size to make the cap and body, then the 2 pieces are drilled out to enable the metal parts to be added. The ends of the wood are then sanded to the ideal size.

Once thats been done, the tubes are glued and inserted inside the body & cap of the pen (the tubes are left to set overnight at this stage)

Using the lathe, the wooden “blanks” are then turned using bushings on the lathe to achieve the correct size. Once that stage is done the blanks can now be sanded (3 grades of sandpaper!) and polished using 2 types of wood polish. The blanks are then left to dry for a few hours.

Now for the assembly part…each part of a Treasured Pen is hand assembled using a pen press. The decorative parts are pushed onto the cap and body and then the fountain pen part can be screwed into place.

The pen is now ready to be sent out, we always include a cartridge & always ask if the customer would like the cartridge inserted.

From a rough but beautiful piece of wood we can create something that you’ll be proud to present to a loved one. We hope you’ve found this article interesting and hopefully will see the work that goes into each pen that we create.

So whether its a pen for writing a shopping list or a gorgeous fountain pen for greeting card messages, we hope you’ll think of us! And just for the gadget addicts among you, we also make a pen with a stylus end so you can keep your “finger” on the pulse!

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