Egg Rollers, doorstops and chicago!

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I have just been exhibiting at the biggest housewares trade show in the world in Chicago! 

WOW!!! what a show! Our American distributors are over the moon with the result! Our booth was buzzing with interest! I think it helped that we were shortlisted for an award at the show, and although we didn't win it in the end, it created so much interest that a national news station, 'Today show' the equivalent of 'This morning' in the UK, with 23 million viewers came by!!

What surprised us is they want to show our other product! We havent pushed this other product so much as its all been about our award winning doorstop! 

It is an egg storing device which keeps eggs in order of freshness. You remove the end one and the rest roll down in a straight line! Very simple! I think with Easter coming up, people are starting to get that egg type feeling!

The doorstop is in hot demand though, with five Austrailian distributors all trying to get an exclusive distributor deal for Austrailia! We are going to see who orders the biggest and puts their money on the table. they are all  high quality businesses. 

We also have a new distributor in Germany!

Lastly, we are to be featured in Cornwall Today (a lovely glossy mag) Hopefully on the front cover! 

Hope everybody has a prosperous rest of the week!



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