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The workplace is constantly evolving, and a whole range of trends influence how it develops.  Take the open plan office: a major reason for its emergence was down to new trends in architecture which saw most offices move from being dominated by cubicles to open plan environments.  But it wasn’t just architecture that changed the layout of typical offices.  Beliefs about people management encouraged open plan offices too, fuelled by the idea that they encouraged transparency and a ‘flatter’ hierarchy. 

Technology also played a major role – the ability to hot desk and work flexibly, where people aren’t welded to one local machine on a desktop, requires a central file store that can be accessed from anywhere.

The virtual workforce, the focus of our Autumn Business Talk represents the next evolution in the workplace.  As more and more workers are able and willing to work from outside the traditional office, there is a growing demand in businesses of all sizes for this new approach to the professional environment.

The ability to work virtually offers significant benefits – from reduced staff turnover to higher productivity and lower stress.  We explore why in more detail on page 4 of our Business Talk, as well as addressing common concerns managers have about employees being out of sight. 

In our second article, we look at some of the practicalities of creating your own virtual workforce – it’s easier than you might think.  If the virtual workforce sounds like something impractical or only for unicorn companies, our interview on page 13 shows how virtual working practices can have immediate impact in businesses of any size or industry.

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