Mission: Retro Aftershave

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Floid Aftershave Splash
Agent A heard about retro brand Floid & immediately set about investigations.  Since 1932 Floid has been producing its genuine aftershave splash. It’s exclusive menthol formula calms any irritation caused by shaving, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.  We have a small stock, available in two scents; Suave, for sensitive skin & Vigoroso, for tough/resistant skin – hurry, when it’s gone it may be a while before we get it again!

OSP Aftershave Tonic
The OSP range has expanded to include matching aftershave tonic in all your favourite scents; Neroli, Barbershop, Eucalyptus & Menthol, Fougere, Grapefruit & Menthol, Orange & Patchouli, Sandalwood & Spice Road.  These aftershave tonic’s are the ideal way to ensure your skin is as cared for as possible after shaving and are real heavy hitters! Packaged in attractive, dark glass, these old school bottles will look great on any shave of the day picture!

Myrsol Aftershave
Myrsol continues to be a firm favourite, it just looks great and is in our opinion in a class of its own.  We have used the products for several years and the emulsion, which can be used as a pre-shave, shave cream and aftershave is one of our personal ‘go to’ products.  The range has been developed over many years and uses quality naturally sourced products to produce excellent results.  We are very excited to announce we will soon be stocking the matching shaving creams, watch this space! 

In other news we are pleased to report that after Agent Y asked Mr Theo Paphitis to shave his beard back at the #SBS winners event, he has finally shaved it off! Success!

For now, Agents continue to search for the very best in wet shaving…over!

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