Design Tips For A Gorgeous Loft Conversion

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When the idea strikes your mind that maybe, just maybe, that loft space is ripe for conversion, your thoughts can barrel into loads of possibilities. So many, in fact, that you might be stumped for choice. How are you meant to furnish a room unlike any other in the home, with a very particular shape to play with?

A little creativity can turn this quandary on its head, but you might be seeking a nudge to get your interior design juices flowing. If so, have a read of the following to see where your tastes may take you…

Fitted wardrobe storage

Whether your loft will become a bedroom, study or play area, there’ll doubtless be need for a storage unit. Fitted wardrobes are ideal candidates for squeezing into a tight space, one that won’t accommodate a bulky, squared-off item or something that’s overly tall.

Fitted furniture moulds to the exact contours of your eaves and ceiling. Just make sure you insulate the walls down the loft’s rafter line first; it’ll result in a warm, snug storage unit if the wardrobe’s using it as a backbone. 

Skylights and stargazing

A room at the top of your home will encourage one thing, primarily: a desire to touch the sky. That’s why skylights never fall out of favour with loft conversion designers. However, consider what effect they’ll have throughout the year. A window directly above a bed won’t be appreciated when the summer sun’s shining at 6am.

To this end, install blinds where too much lighting could be undesirable. And consider placement; having one in the centre of the room, perhaps over an armchair or your desk, could make more sense if you’re using the loft as a living area.

Creating a hub

Overall, you should have some concept of what’ll go on in your loft room, and where the main spots of activity will be. So consider how you can optimise those unique dimensions. Beanbags, for example, make a cool seating area if you want to create a cosy spot for kids or teens to chill out.

Alternatively, you could convert your attic into a mini library, slipping magazines and novels around the four corners of your interior with fitted shelves. If yours is a period property, you could even utilise the beams to create quirky features, transforming a sometimes obstacle into a talking point.

Never fight against the room you’ve so lovingly created; to achieve your perfect loft space, fitted furniture truly is your main asset, curving with the sharp inclines of the roof, aperture and support beams. Once you economise furnishings for those difficult angles, the rest of your décor will soon click together.

Hartleys can advise you on the particular brush strokes for your loft conversion masterpiece. From contemporary bedroom furniture to elegant office spaces, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our Skipton showroom. Alternatively, give us a call to discuss your ideas with our talented designers. 

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