Dogs and Chips… a new food craze? No!!

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Hello to ‪#‎SBS‬ dog owners. Did you know that your dog should be microchipped by April 6th? More info on our blog " Dogs and Chips – the latest food craze?" including places currently offering a free microchipping service to help owners comply with this new legislation. 
One of the photo's in the blog is of fellow #SBS winner Dave Bradburn's 2 lovely dogs – Boris and Maisie who thankfully won't be off to the dog pound.
By the way did you know that Section 7 of My Life Pack life management organiser is all about your pets: dogs, cats, horses or more exoctic species? I would appreciate a comment or share of my website blog if you can spare a moment and I'm always happy to see photos of people's pets posted in the pet section there. ( My Life Pack covers 10 areas of daily life management and planning with lots of hints and tips on how to save time, stress and money.)
What do you think of this new pet law? Is your dog already microchipped? Do let us know what you think on

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