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We love working with other #SBS winners and so towards the end of last year we decided to invest some time in highlighting our SBS family and trying to engage with them more.

We've always offered a big discount to SBS winners, but we wanted to go further, so in October we began buying SBS winning products and services, then producing video reviews to highlight them to our followers. The intension is for this to be a weekly video series, but we're in the process of moving our offices, so there's a few recorded and queued up for release.

Each review includes a photography session (you're welcome to use), a video, a blog article and sharing on our social media accounts. If suitable, the product also gets put on display in the new SBS section of our high street office.

Obviously it helps us if you are able to send us your product for review, but we do have a little budget to buy smaller products to review.

You can see some examples of these videos over on our youtube channel:

We also have a blog article for each review over on our website:

If you'd like us to review your product/service, send us an email through the contact form on our site, or send the product to our high street office.

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