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As of August 2014 767,000 young people (ages 18-25) across the UK were unemployed. In my local area from August 2014 12.7% of young people were unemployed. One of WightStream's biggest business aims is to take on at least two apprentices by the end of 2016. This requires growth. We want to tackle the industrial cleaning market and with Portsmouth and Southampton on our doorstep we believe that we are in a prime location to do that. Unfortunately being a start up business, we do not pack the punch and need certain accreditations to show that we are able to take on the larger industrial and government tenders. This costs more money than we can afford. So you can see our predicament. This is the link to our crowd funding page – We are not asking for millions so don't worry! If you can't donate then don't worry. If you could Forward/Share/Retweet the hell out of it, so it can reach the people who can help us, that would be priceless. Thank you #SBS


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