How far will this wave take us?

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What a tremendous #sbswinnershour last night – more than twice as many tweets posted than last week – I was expecting it to be busier but that was crazy, I forgot to see if we trended as I was too busy tweeting and to be honest I am not sure how to check unless it is just by looking at the list of UK tending on my twitter page in which case I suspect that we didn't as my other half was tweeting too and he commented a couple of time during the hour that we weren't. I am still waiting to hear about the reach too but with so many tweets flying backwards and forwards it has to be massive doesn't it? I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, it would be interesting to know how many joined in for the first time last night after Theo's plug at the sbsevent too but I guess we won't ever know that!!! 

A huge congratulations to @AlexiaClaireS for hosting and not ending up in twitter jail – amazingly Alexia has already said she would love to host it again!!! 

We are now booked up with hosts until mid April, If anyone would like to offer to host there is a file document set up on the facebook page so leave a comment on there and I will pick it up in due course or send me a direct message on twitter – you can find me as @pearlysmith 

…. and now for something new I made yesterday with weddings in mind 

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