Creating the perfect showering experience!

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A few years ago there was a huge surge of interest in having ‘ wet rooms’ – however what clients and some bathroom suppliers neglected to mention was there was  a clue on the terminology ‘ WET’.  Clients soon discovered that soaking the entire bathroom is not very practical.

We have always advocated walk in or walk thru as the perfect alternative where we combine a tray or tiled tray with a glass screen to protect the rest of the bathroom while still allowing a generous showering area with a minimal look.

Most British manufacturers are aware of our hard water so provide factory fitted anti-limescale treatments which will make any shower doors easier to keep clean.

The type of shower enclosure we design largely depends on the space that is available and the type of enclosure you wish to create.

A single door option can be used in an alcove where three walls are in place, which can then be tiled or panelled.

Doors are available in various options – bi-fold where the door folds back into the shower can maximise the space available. Pivot doors rotate on a pin mechanism at the top and the bottom of the frame, opening outwards into the room, but with the rear of the door swinging backwards into the shower, pivot doors therefore need less clearance space than hinged doors which are fixed to the side of the wall. Both of these options, whilst creating good access into the enclosure can leave water sometimes dripping onto the bathroom floor.

Sliding doors straight or on a quadrant enclosure stops this from happening sometimes the opening can be smaller.

Look for the thickness of the glass as well which can be up to 10mm which although more expensive offers a far sturdier solution.

Safety is also a feature with some non-slip coatings available and strategically placed grab bars will all help.

So take your time and work with your bathroom designer to create the perfect showering solution for you, for a quick blast in the shower to wake you up in the morning, or a hot relaxing shower to unwind at the end of the day.

Modern Homes recommends enclosures from Manhatten, Kudos and Simpsons – all available to see in our showroom.

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