What are quartz worktops?

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There is a lot of confusion about what a ‘quartz’ worktop actually is, and this can largely be down to the fact that the composition of the worktop can vary greatly.

Good quality quartz worktops have a very high percentage of natural materials -usually over 90% and so as such are very versatile material that offers all the benefits of stone, granite or marble but with the added benefit which comes from the other 10%.

With most manufacturers this is a closely guarded trade secret but is a formula of resin or acrylic that allows the finished material greater strength and also a high resistance to scratches and stains. Unlike marble and some granites quartzes are non-porous which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

The polishing of the surface is a key stage of the manufacturing process which means once they are installed they never need sealing or polishing , just some soap and water for cleaning is all that is necessary.

Quartz is renowned for its eco-credentials and its manufacturing process is ethical.

Although there is a variety of zany bright colours to choose from we recommend using some of the calmer colours, particularly for clients who may choose a patterned or wood grained cabinet door, which will ensure your chosen colour scheme will still look as good for many years to come.

Modern Homes recommends Silestone, Caesarstone and have these products on display in their showroom.

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