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This is such a common question when we are planning a children’s party. So how much should you spend on a child’s party bag? Well, we don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules on the topic, although in our experience, we can share the following with you:

Plastic goody bags – we still find that parents hosting a large group of children, perhaps the whole class and under 7 years old, do go for this option. Although, party hosts believe it’s cost effective, once they have purchased on average 5-8 party bag fillers, they’ve probably spent a minimum of £4.00 per child. And you still have to wonder, how many of these bags are policed by parents before allowing their child to really get their hands on it.


Age – should the age of the kids determine how much you spend on each child? We don’t believe age has too much influence on this, it’s probably more down to how many children actually attend the party. If you’re inviting a large group, then the party bag spend is certainly less. However, once children reach 8 years old, we find that the party guests are less, as children will have formed their own friendship groups by this time and so on average we host parties of around 8-12 children from this age onwards. Which means that in the main, parents are prepared to spend a little bit more on each party bag. We have seen anything from £5-£25 spent per child, with less party fillers and more focus on one or two party favours.

Chocolate Party Bags

Choose a party activity that includes a party bag – our Chocolate Party is perfect, it saves parents time and money as all the children go home with their handmade chocolate goodies in a party bag. In addition, the children are able to show their friends and family how creative they’ve been before they eat everything!



Personalisation – there is definitely a growth in personalising party bags and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. We work with Louisa Hinxman at Truly Scrumptious Party Bags – they produce beautiful handmade material party bags, which can be themed to your event and even include children’s names on each bag. Unbelievably, they start at only £3.50 per bag. These are ideal, as the bags will have more use after the party and will be a permanent reminder of your special occasion.  Then you can simply place one or two items, perhaps some wonderful books, in the bag and it’s instantly transformed into a luxury party bag with very little expense.


Party bag fillers – it’s the same old story, you pay for what you get. We are not big fans of lots of smaller items and quite frankly, by the time you’ve filled up the bag, it’s become quite an expense. So get creative, pop along to your local thrift store and pick up some crayons or some pencils, remove them from their original packaging and tie them together with some bright Grosgrain ribbon and include some colouring books or paper – ideal for younger children, whilst kids over the age of 8 will most appreciate one item.

All in all, we would recommend considering taking a personal approach to party bags as opposed to being focused on the cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive and we are confident that the recipient will appreciate the thought much more.

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