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For parents with special needs children, hearing the words ‘Birthday Party’ may conjure up the fear of dread and anxiety. Whether you are planning a birthday party for a special needs child or simply attending a birthday party, it can potentially be a concern and cause stress for the parents and child.

So with that in mind, we’ve come up with some of our top tips on how to create a super-duper birthday party for a child with special abilities:

mad hatters special needsGUEST LIST: take time to consider the children that will be invited, do they have any special abilities themselves that need to be accommodated at the party? You may have a number of children that will be coming along with a variety of challenges, so first and foremost – speak to their parents or guardians and ask them to indicate their needs.

COMMUNICATION: this is key throughout the whole process to ensure that everyone involved is fully up to speed with every detail. More importantly, some special needs children need to know in advance what will be happening on the day, as a change in their routine, maybe challenging for them. Our team and entertainers can also meet the birthday child and any relevant guests in advance, so that we are familiar faces on the day. And it’s fine to ask questions and become informed from other parents that will be attending the party. Why not ask parents what activities their child enjoys and them for any ideas they may have.Exceptional Family Member Program

VENUE: talk to the Manager of the venue and obtain their risk assessment document which will outline what you should be aware of whilst in the building. Do you need wheelchair access? Is there disabled parking and toilet facilities? Is there enough space to ensure that you can accommodate all your party activities in the areas provided?

ENTERTAINMENT: we would highly recommend that you hire professional party entertainment that has experience in Special Abilities parties and are able to be flexible. At Love Lucia’s Parties, we work closely with the party hosts and obtain as much information as possible so we are fully on board with your requirements. This will enable us to plan a brilliant party that all the children will thoroughly enjoy. We have organised a chocolate party for partially sighted and registered blind children, a beautiful Mad Hatters Tea Party on a children’s hospital ward for very poorly kids and gingerbread house workshop for children with severe learning difficulties to name a few, so investing time with the party planners and entertainers in advance, in our view, is time well spent. We can arrange a quiet area, noise cancelling head phones, a child friendly environment and party activities that are physically and sensory accessible.PRINCESSES ICE SISTERS

CONSTRUCTION PARTY CAKE LOVE LUCIAS PARTIESPARTY FOOD & DRINKS: again, information is knowledge when organising this part of the party. Many special needs children have specific diets, so they may bring their own food with them. Let parents know what party food and drinks you will be serving on the day and if you arrange anything for their child. A great way to make party food more fun for children that have a variety of special needs diets is to have their party food in a specific individual party food box labelled with each child’s name. That way as a host, you can plan in advance and have confidence that you will be offering food and drink specific to that child that is suitable.

So, start planning in advance – that way you’ll be guaranteed to have a really memorable day. Have fun!!


Sharon Park

Love Lucia’s Parties


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