How To Bring A Beach House Feel To Your Home!

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When you picture paradise, there’s probably a beautiful beach house standing tall in the image somewhere. We all dream of waking up to the sound of lapping water and glorious sunshine spilling in through the windows every morning, but reluctantly, this picturesque painting often appears well out of reach.

So this begs the question – why not bring the coast to you instead? With a couple of shrewd decorating choices, you can give your property a breezy beach-house vibe that keeps your mind-set in permanent holiday mode all summer long. Take aboard these décor tactics and there’ll be no need to go travelling to feel tropical.

Cast the white

For the beach-house look, a crisp, clean shade of white paint is the way to go. This will make the space feel bright, open, and airy – three defining traits of a splendid shoreline abode. Once the walls are looking suitably whitewashed, cover the sofas, chairs and tables in milk-coloured linens and cloths to reinforce the feel further.

Build a seaside porch

If you have some space around the front or back of your property, you can turn it into a temporary seaside porch for the summer with a few simple furnishings. All you need is a decent sized canopy, some sandy-shade carpets, a few white wicker chairs (or benches), and pillows that pop with extravagant colour schemes. It might also be worth considering some small tables where you can safely rest your cocktail or tall glass of iced tea.

Splash the colour

Whilst white is essential for a beach-house look, you’ll risk wandering into minimalist territory without a few splashes of colour here and there. Choose bright, summery hues like yellows and blues for curtains and cushions, and hang a few striking paintings around the house to ensure the seaside ambiance stretches into each and every room. 

Beachy pieces

The addition of beachy pieces can go a long way in your bid to build a quasi-holiday home. A great example is an indoor hammock – which can add a chilled, laidback vibe to the surroundings even if it functions solely as decoration. Seashell displays are similarly effective, with boat models, palm trees, and picture windows inviting the seaside indoors.

Coastal carpets

Decking the floors with coastal-style carpets will feel like the second-best thing to sand between your toes. Jute threads work well for living spaces and dining areas, whilst it’s worth opting for flashier colours underfoot in bathrooms and bedrooms.

If you’d like a few more ideas on how to turn your home into a blissful vacation space this summer, get in touch with the Hartleys team today. We’d love to help you in any way we can.

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