How to make your home cosy and ready for Autumn/Winter

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Colour Trends




– 'Discover' Colour Scheme: Sharkskin, Riverside, Airy Blue, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay  

Discover Colour Scheme

The perfect palette for the perfect season of staying in and enjoying being cosy in the comfort of your own home.

Discover the potential of your living room by using ‘Sharkskin’ with a hint of ‘Riverside’ and ‘Airy Blue’ – Just the right combination to produce a grayish-blue wall which is the perfect canvas to make the colours ‘Lush Meadow’, ‘Spicy Mustard’ and ‘Potter’s Clay’ pop.

Exciting shades of greens, yellow and orange makes a room vibrant yet warm – You won’t want to spend your time indoors in any other room. 

– Earth Colour SchemeAurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Potter’s Clay 

 Earth Colour Scheme

Warm and cozy couldn’t be easier using this palette in your home. The different shades of reds, taupes, oranges and browns make up the perfect shade of earthen colors to make your home as cozy as it can be. 

– 'Exhibit' Colour SchemeSpicy Mustard, Bodacious, Warm Taupe 

Exhibit Colour Scheme

Unexpected is the new trend for this season. Autumn and Winter doesn’t have to be defined by the use of darker colors. This palette brings a new perspective to this season. Channel your vibrant and exotic taste by incorporating it in neutral colors to balance the look. 



Miami-Living Room



Lighting is a game changer in any home. To adhere to the season’s mist, add some warm, soft-lighting to any room you want to create a cosy vibe in. A bedside lamp in your bedroom perhaps or some warm accent lighting in your living room and cosy nooks. This is so inviting that it will make any member of your family have the relaxation and warmth they deserve, when they come home from a long day at work.


Mirror Mania's Olivia Ceiling Lighting Collection is perfect for a warm and comfortable yet classic living room. If you love Art Deco we also have some beautiful Ceiling Pendant lighting that  would be perfect in a hallway or living room. Check out these two collections below!


Olivia Ceiling Lighting Collection


Art Deco Pendant Ceiling Lighting



Layering Fabrics


Rustic Sunroom



This is the time of year where you can layer up everything from clothes to home design so go wild and don’t be content with just one or two pillows or blankets, pile them up and bring some extra warmth, comfort and style to your home.

Invite you guests to get cosy when they visit by placing folded blankets on the sofa, maybe add some faux fur over it to add more textures to the layers and create a snug place to relax.

The beginning of Autumn is also the time to switch those summer sheers to heavier drapes and even start weaving more warmer fabrics and colours throughout your home. You could incorporate runners and chair covers and cushions to your dining room and some new plush towels and textured shower curtains to your bathroom.

Make these fabrics not just functional but be aesthetically pleasing to your home – Choose different textures and designs, mix and match, and be engulfed in the warmth it gives you and your family. 

Cosy Reading Nooks


Bowen Island, New Construction


Autumn and Winter will always be associated with keeping warm at home and reading a book with a hot chocolate, so get your reading corner ready with some plush throws and fluffy pillows. If you don’t have a reading corner, find a spot or a neglected corner in your home that you can transform into a cozy reading nook. If you have a bay window, why not turn it into a window seat with lots of cosy pillows or you could even set-up a blanket on the floor or under the stairs.

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