Autumn & Winter Interior Design Trends We Love!

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There’s a tingle at the back of our necks, and it’s got nothing to do with the diminishing sun. Autumn and winter fashion is, arguably, much more varied than a spring/summer palette. It means we can ply our homes with more furniture, turning bespoke bedrooms and the like into close-knit, comfortable shrines to modern living.

Seeing as colder nights have settled in, we thought we’d give you a heads up on trends to watch out for as 2016 crawls to a close. By mixing and matching this décor, your property will exhibit what’s so special about this time of year…

Dark primaries

We all know what a summer room should look like – bright washes of yellow and green, flecked with cream. Primary colours are usually the prerogative of sun, sea and forest-inspired interiors, yet they have a hidden side that’s begging to visit your home.

Try giving your walls a makeover in dark blue or dusky red. A subdued primary scheme can cosy up to early evenings without being too severe. It’ll let an oak or mahogany wardrobe rest at ease amongst the shadows, and make your lighting more dramatic. Accessorise with plenty of furs and throws in a similar tone.

Paisley and floral prints

It’s hard to put your finger on; maybe it’s our attempt to mimic a leaf-strewn pavement, or to conjure back the bloom of petals at a garden’s edge. For whatever reason, floral patterns are experiencing a resurgence, along with paisley designs, both of which can take many guises in the home.

We’re a fan of the paisley print cushion: scatter a bunch of them over your sofa, traditional bedroom furniture or conservatory chairs, and enjoy the burst of life they lend to open spaces. For autumnal flower power, choose orange towels for your bathroom railing, or a similarly shaded floral rug to adorn on your carpet. Offsetting them with light grey draws attention to the tasteful visuals.

Natural centrepieces 

This season, we’re seeing a surge in demand for furniture with a natural aesthetic. Miniature trees as coat stands; wicker chairs in the study; old iron trolleys festooned with carvings and snow globes…

Bringing the outdoors inside can add a rugged feel that’s hard to shake when your fireplace is roaring, and the wind’s howling at the front door. It’s good to take inspiration from the winter landscape, which really can draw great beauty out of branches and woodland.

As we spend more time on the sofa, watching the sun wink out on frosted hills, the standards we put on our interior design get heavier, more loaded with a desire to shut the world away. Try our tips for a cosy decor, and see 2016 out with a style you can be proud of.

If the task looks to be daunting, let Hartleys get to work on contemporary and classic bedroom furniture, as well as fitted home studies. Our showroom will guide you towards an achievable makeover – contact us for more information, or to arrange a chat with our team.     

Photo credit: Linwood Fabrics. 

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