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  1. Ensure you don’t become a victim of a Phishing attack – NEVER open the attachment in emails if you cannot verify the source  
  2. Follow this simple tip to avoid financial headaches – Limit your online banking, purchasing and other sensitive activities to https sites only  
  3. Share this tip with colleagues helping them to stay safe when travelling for work –  Connecting to a VPN will secure all communication on an unsecured hotspot 
  4. Stay protected against harmful websites that steal your personal information 
  5. Avoid clicking through on popups whenever possible 
  6. Use a cybersecurity software programme on your computer and devices 
  7. Don’t make a cyber criminals job easy – almost two thirds of millennials (59%) share their personal travel plans on social media sites 
  8. Having a secondary verification process for your accounts keeps you twice as safe online – use two factor authentication methods whenever possible.
  9. Cybercriminal see unsecured hotspots as easy access to target you and your identity – Always opt for secured wifi connection (one with a password)              0330 2020 340           @amshire          


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