How To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

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Your living room is likely where you spend quite a lot of your time when you are home and it is also a place where your guests will spend some time too so it is fair to say that this room is one of the most important.

Here is some inspiration about how you can make your living room look and feel more expensive.


No Clutter

Go for a simple solution to create luxury in your living room by clearing out the clutter. Set up focus areas around the room, for example, add beautiful ornaments, plants, accessories or books to your coffee table.

If your home has a floorplan that allows for it, why not open up the living space by removing dividing walls or consider removing the doors and create an archway in their places. This will make your home feel like it has a lot more space. If this isn’t something you can do, you could replace the living room doors with something a little more minimal.



Eye-catching works of art

Change the scene of an all-white room by adding a large triptych or a single piece of art. A striking piece of art can be all it takes to take a room from feeling boring to feeling totally luxurious. Stick to a neutral colour scheme to draw everyone’s interest to the stunning piece of art. Investing in a work of art that you love is such a simple way to make you feel proud of your home.

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Materials and textures

Create magic by combining simple materials to create a richer living room. Mix up the colours of your furniture, use different fabric textures and prints and then pull through the same colour scheme through to your wall art and frames.



Focal points

A statement piece of furniture or a mirror is a game changer for your living room. In this case, a striking cobalt blue tuxedo sofa. Choose something in a colour or fabric that is completely different to the rest of the room to keep the focus right on that area of the room. Choose some metallic accents to add smaller interest points around the room.

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Classical features

Add a classical plaster cornice to the ceiling and a detailed fireplace to create a rich warm atmosphere to your living room.

These features can be used to carry the rest of the room so keep it modern by adding more contemporary pieces of furniture and home accessories. Define the classical fireplace by adding a large mirror to give the illusion of more space.



Long Curtains

Turn a comfortable living area into an elegant place to relax by adding some floor to ceiling curtains that blend in with the wall colour. This will create an illusion of a higher ceiling and also a warm luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, beautiful curtains always add an expensive feel to a room.



Choose a rich colour

Intensify the luxurious ambience in your eclectic living room simply with the use of a rich colour of paint for the walls. Choose a shade that will both heighten and balance out the rest of the room.

Walls in a rich dark shade next to colourful plush fabrics and metallic accents evoke a posh vibe none of your guests will see coming.


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