Increase in Sales with Sunny days ahead

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Shoppers have been spending their hard earned pennies even more recently. We've just had the sunniest April since records began, and this has helped lift quarterly retail sales figures for businesses across the country. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has announced an 0.6% increase in overall retail spending. The 'feel good' weather has made people leave their houses and spend. Non food sales rose 2.3%, with food sales going up 0.4% over the quarter. The BRC quoted in the report that it gave "a clear indication that confidence among consumers is slowly improving even more”. They also mentioned “this is despite overall profitability being under intense pressure due to continued changes in shopping habits”. These shopping habits include shopping via websites and the attractiveness of home delivery. Consumers are also not being loyal to any one brand or product any more as they search for a discount or bargain. Old habits use to be shopping in the same place every time. Now, with adverts, social media and the internet, shoppers can be swayed to go elsewhere if they see a better reason to go. Retailers will be paying out for shop rents and business rates at the end of this quarter, so they will be trying extra hard to attract more footfall into their stores. This normally means 'summer sales' starting early. The good news is that it is set to continue, The weather ahead looks to stay warm and sunny through out the summer and the news of Princess Charlotte being born continues the consumers 'feel good' factor and encourages spending even more as we head into the next quarter. 

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