Interior Design Trends – The Industrial Revolution!

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The trend for an edgy, industrial look in our homes has been going strong for quite some time now and certainly shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.  Raw materials, muted colours, metallic fixtures and contemporary furnishings are all elements that can describe the industrial trend. It’s about proudly displaying the structural materials that would usually be concealed!

Make the most of any existing elements such as metal, concrete, brick and wood. Exposed brick, concrete floors, visible pipework or steel beams help to achieve a warehouse feel that is associated with the Industrial style.  If your home is more 1950’s semi-detached than New York loft, fear not! There are some fabulous wallpapers on the market that imitate natural materials and finishes such as concrete panelling or wooden planks.  A monochromatic colour palette occurs naturally when combining materials like concrete, metal and wood. Keep the look going by painting walls neutral colours.

Industrial design invariably involves the use of metal and wood. These materials combined are what a growing number of industrial-style furnishings are made of. There are many vintage pieces out there to be had if you look for them but numerous furniture & lighting manufacturers are now producing fabulous new products inspired by old factory and laboratory pieces.  Fixtures and fittings in finishes like antique bronze and brushed nickel add to the industrial style. Simple pendant lighting with Edison bulbs is also popular.  Incorporate rustic metal or wood shelving and cabinets paired with sleek, modern furniture to tie the various components together.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Pair a wooden table with metal chairs. Or add a sleek statement piece to prevent the scheme from looking too flat.

When looking to create an industrial look kitchen, the use of stainless steel work surfaces and exposed ducts work really well and help create the form and functionality of a commercial kitchen.  Exposed structural components and raw edges could become overpowering if not provided with any contrast and balance. Introduce different textures, plush upholstery, soft cushions and luxurious rugs to soften the look and prevent the industrial design being too cold and unwelcoming.  Plants and foliage also enhance and bring warmth to contemporary industrial designs. With plants, the saying ‘bigger is best’ certainly applies! A small cactus on a windowsill would be lost in a large industrial space.

With its boundless possibilities and juxtaposition of the modern with the vintage means that the trend for industrial design is here to stay!

Guest blog courtesy of Lime Lace Interiors, Harrogate


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