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Julie’s Diary – Part 7
Oh my darlings – you must be wondering where I’ve been? Well you know how things are – a high-flying lady of the world like your Julie just can’t sit still for a second. I’ve been so, so busy lately. So many people have trouble keeping up with me and my energy anyhow – but while I have a few free minutes to myself I’ll fill you in with all my news. The housing boom has kept me so very busy. It’s all been really rather exciting! Houses are selling so much quicker than before and I’ve handled so many new rentals lately. Of course, it could just be the old Julie charm rubbing off on the buyers and tenants, but who can say…? I love to get around too – although don’t go telling everybody that. I’ve been networking like crazy recently on Google Plus and following that busy beefcake Drew Patterson. He’s a bright young fellow you know – I’ve been showing him the ropes lately and introducing him to a number of my business contacts and friends out there and showing him how I like to network. Take it from me, he’s a very willing and obedient student. Sometimes it’s feels like all I have to do is click my fingers (or my mouse at least) and up he pops, standing to attention and ready for more. He recently did a lovely job for my friend Phil Staveley at Phoenix Lettings; while my lovely Drew sweated away in the gardens of a number of his properties Phil looked on impressed and was so taken with Drew’s efforts that he invited him round to get his hands on his willows too. Needless to say, Drew worked his magic once again and now everything in Phil’s garden looks delightful. There’s also the gorgeous Nadina at Acer Lettings – such a lovely lady. I whispered instructions into Drew’s ear and off he went to sort out her conifers and all of a sudden Nadina’s children had a fantastic den to play around in as a result. He’s such a scamp, that Drew. I love finding new ways to help him use up all that boundless energy that he has. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with the feedback I’ve been hearing that I’ve encouraged all those happy clients to write testimonials for Tree Hugger so that Drew can proudly display them on his Facebook page for all to see. He’s had great feedback from the lovely Chloe at Spruce Tree Lettings and the delightful Maggi and Lynn at Margiwillis Estates. I sometimes wonder if I should be jealous…? I don’t mind though. Drew works hard and he deserves my support and attention. In fact, helping people out is something I love to do as often as possible. My super helpful website juliespicks.com seems to be providing you all with just what you want – over 139,600 of you lovely people have popped over to say ‘hello’ in just the last three months. Oh, it’s such a lovely feeling – it really is. I can’t deny it – I do love the attention and to have you all looking at me at all hours of the day. You all seem to have a good time with me too (well who doesn’t, darlings?) and I know that many of you just love to pop along and to see who has won one of my awards, and check out my spiffing advertisers along the way.

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