Staying Focused On Your Business

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Since winning the SBS membership, its been an amazing roller coaster ride for us, as we have always been focused on our business, no matter what is going on around,  what we work on is our company and its brand, as we strive to do things better at all times by staying focused on our company, its goals and our brand exposure.

We have gained so much, and all of you can as long as you do it, you can't be just provided with the tools and expect some magic wand to work and thats it, you have to go out and use these tools provided by SBS to make the most of it, or you gain nothing from it and your no better off than before.

Since we have won we have done mail shots, email campaigns and so much more.

We sent out the press releases and had radio interviews and so much more.

Now we are working on the PR after the event of 2015 as we are going to capitilise on the event while it's fresh in the presses mind,

We are already setting up interviews with local people, news reporters and so much more.

You must stay FOCUSED ON YOUR COMPANY forget what your competition are doing even if they try to replicate what you do, it's the best compliment in the world as you know head high they are copying the best, don't get side tracked by anything like this as while they focus on your business, they are not focusing on their own business, it's a win win situation for you, as you can drive your business further forward.

If anyone has any issues with anything leather please drop us a line we will be glad to help you, contact us or Tel 01482 606864


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