Who needs caffeine when you have an sbs event to attend?

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 I have to say I returned home buzzing last night and it took me a very long time to get to sleep! as a rule I keep off coffee unless it is de-caf and I certainly didn't have any yesterday, but my eyes were twitching as though I had been pumped with caffeine all day, after going through in my mind, everything I had eaten and drunk during the day – earl grey teas, water and sandwiches I came to the conclusion that I must have still been running on the adrenelin from the day – fabulous to meet up with so many wonderful fellow winners, some I knew before we were winners, some I had met at previous events and others I met for the first time. Theo was on form of course and the speakers were truly inspirational – I really enjoyed the question time session and reading all the #sbsevent2015 tweets and comments on the facebook fage , so did everyone else. Goodness knows how much sleep those who stayed over had and how they are feeling now – I hope everyone manages to get home safely!!!! 

For those who didn't see me yesterday you didn't see my jewellery either, this is the set I made myself


and this is me wearing it! along with Graydon of @shrewsmorris 

now we just have to wait for the official photos 

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