Key Holding and Alarm Response – Keeping Your Energy Farm Secure

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Here at SECURIST, we love the idea of renewable energy and its positive impact on the environment. However, as solar and wind farms are typically in large open spaces, they can be troublesome to keep secure and may be difficult to respond to if an alarm were to activate outside of office hours.

Due to the high quality copper wire used by wind turbines and solar panels; metal thieves often target wind or solar energy farms, who are costing the renewable energy industry over £360,000,000 annually.

We don’t want your wind or solar farm to suffer from theft, so with key holding and alarm response from SECURIST, we will simply hold your keys in one of our secure locations and in the event of alarm activation we will dispatch our mobile response team to your premises.

We understand that the key to limiting any damage or disruption is quick response and high-quality, trained personnel. That’s why our area response team at SECURIST are fully trained, licenced experts who are readily available 24/7 and fully dedicated to delivering security excellence.  

Why choose SECURIST for Key Holding and Alarm Response?

  • Our mobile response team can offer an incredibly quick response time.

  • All our area response officers are fully trained and licenced.

  • With our 24/7 key holding monitoring and response centre, you’ll always have complete peace of mind.

  • We will always react in accordance with your company procedure, and produce a thorough report of the incident.

  • We will contact emergency services, locksmiths or provide our own temporary security personnel if necessary.


Key Holding and Alarm Response from SECURIST is an incredibly cost effective way of protecting your renewable energy farm and give you complete peace of mind that your wind or solar farm is fully secure and in the hands of dedicated, trained and licenced security experts. To help protect your renewable energy farm, here at SECURIST we’re offering a one-time offer of key holding and alarm response for only £1.50 per week.

If you’re interested in Key Holding and Alarm Response for your renewable energy farm, please visit our website,, give us a call on 0800 096 4060 or drop us an e-mail at to see how we can help to ensure your wind or solar farm is the SECURIST it can be. 

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