Lagom: An Introduction To Scandi Living

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Scandi living is all the rage right now, and the latest trend obsession to arrive from Europe’s most attractive corner is “Lagom”. A Swedish phrase that translates literally as “just the right amount”, Lagom became one of the biggest and most popular buzzwords among the design community last year.

Moving into 2017 with serious momentum, the trend even surpassed a fellow Scandi fashion fad en route, with people increasingly swapping the cosiness of “Hygge” for the frugality of Lagom.

Here, we take a look at this up-and-coming trend and how you can infuse its principles in your décor and home.

What is Lagom all about?

Lagom is a fashion style that’s focused on integrating an atmosphere of discipline, control, restraint and moderation. Admittedly, the descriptive terms surrounding Lagom may not sound particularly exotic, but that’s exactly the point. Lagom rejects extravagance and austereness as styles that lean too heavily on one side of the design spectrum, and takes the best from both worlds to construct a composed setting instead.

Instilling Lagom in your home is a bit like fine-tuning your morning cup of tea with milk and sugar – carefully and slowly measuring the ratios until you find the colour and taste that’s just right…

Simple storage

Lagom is concerned with the removal of clutter and the creation of clean, positive space. This can be achieved easily through simple and attractive storage solutions. Fitted wardrobes and standalone shelving units are a great choice, while wooden tables and bookshelves are two more additions that help to reinforce the feel of this Scandi living trend.

A room to relax

For the living room, comfortable white sofas and seated areas help to reinforce the mantra of Lagom, which suggests we should all take time for ourselves wherever possible. Minimalist rugs and pillows help to keep the room restrained and from tipping over into overly elegant territory, whereas wall art, mirrors and home desk furniture can create an attractive and tranquil environment.

Simple, natural, self-sufficient

Lagom is built upon simplicity, self-sufficiency and a sense of naturalism. To reflect these concepts, you can create your own plant pots for flowers, herbs and greens, which will brighten the space, permeate your home with a peaceful atmosphere, and replenish your food supply in an economical way.

Hand-painted furniture and tables with unfinished surfaces are also very Lagom, exuding a natural, authentic feel that underlines this unique trend. Combined with eco-friendly touches such as energy-efficient light bulbs, recycling boxes and handcrafted furnishings, it’s easy to give your home a dash of rusticity that’s becoming of the Scandi lifestyle.

Lagom promotes some wonderful values, encouraging us to take only what we really need from this world, never to overindulge, and create a space for ourselves where we feel safe and secure. Take the time to look into Lagom when you have a moment to spare, and you’ll soon find yourself besotted with this Scandi craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s just a beautiful way to live.

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