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We are living in an era where big department stores offer us lots of choice when it comes to home furnishings. We can get everything in one place, from furniture to curtains, ornaments and even wallpaper. It’s never been easier to unleash the interior designer within. Yet it can be frustrating when we just can’t seem to find what we want, especially when we’re being constrained by the imagination of others.

Creating your own light gives you the chance to make something that’s a little bit different and perfectly showcases your personality. Floor lamps no longer need to conform to the ever-popular tripod structure, whilst table lamps can do much more than simply offer visibility.

At Light’Artedly, we create copper-light art that can literally be the stuff your dreams are made of! We can help you create your own light from idea to conception, creation and finally, completion. We encourage you to get those creative juices flowing and hold nothing back… if you can think it, we can make it. Perhaps you’ve had an idea for a light that you would love to see become a reality (and you wonder why nobody’s ever thought to make it before)? Or maybe you’re hunting for a light that just doesn’t seem to exist.

Inspiration can be found from almost anywhere. A light can reflect nature (just like our spider web light), incorporate science (such as the Rib Cage) or epitomise artistry (we think our piece the Curly does exactly that). You can even draw on your childhood memories to create a luminaire that’s novel and quirky (the Seesaw is a moveable fitting that’s functional and fun).

So how can you get started? We thought you would never ask! All we need to get going is your idea. It could be that you’re able to talk us through it over a phone call, or you’ve got a rough sketch that you can send over. We can then start to take your own personal vision and make it into a reality.

Designing your own light means that you decide on every aspect of the piece… and we mean everything! From the size of the luminaire, to the kind of light bulb you want to use, right down to the type of cable/cable switch, it’s all down to you. You can also decide to incorporate other materials alongside our distinctive copper. The addition of wood, slate or stone can help offer flexibility and give you greater scope when creating your design. We can also help advise on the best materials to use for your unique lamp and will work with you to create exactly what you want.

Once we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, we then go away and have a good old think about the best way to get things done. We can then help bring your creation to life via visualisation, before making any changes that may be necessary. Then comes our favourite part – making your luminaire come to life. As with all things in life, good things come to those who wait… and we promise it’s worth the wait. The only thing left to do is hand deliver your luminaire direct to your door and give you your Certificate of Authenticity. This is something we like to call ‘Your Wow Moment’.

Creating your own copper-art light is a process that we want to make enjoyable from beginning to end. There’s nothing quite like seeing what seems to be a fleeting thought being turned into a tangible object that you can keep and treasure forever.

To discuss starting your light journey, email us at or call us on 01775 714832.

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