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Picture the scene. You’re throwing a dinner party at your house and one of your guests remark that they like the new lamp you’ve just bought. You reply by saying that you like it too, the shade matched the curtains and it was just about the right fit for the cabinet it sits on. The guest then asks you where it’s from, and when you reply stating a major department store, they then tell you they’re going out to buy it the very next day. Whilst you’re flattered, you secretly feel a little miffed – that was YOUR light, and now the very same one is going to be sitting pride of place in another house.

The reality is that whilst we visit retailers like IKEA or Next to buy our home furnishings, lots of other people do so too.  This means that it’s not uncommon to walk into a friend’s house and spot your picture on the wall, or the clock you just bought resting on the mantlepiece. It can also mean that sometimes the way we choose to decorate our homes can leave them looking, dare we say it, a little bit samey and repetitive.

We know that your home is an extension of your personality…so why not let those creative juices flow? Why limit your choice of items to those available to buy off the shelf (and run the very real risk of someone else stealing your style)? Why not let your imagination run wild and choose something that’s unique and made just for you? That’s where Light’Artedly comes in. Creating and designing your own luminaire gives you the freedom to create a light that epitomises YOU completely. Our handcrafted copper-art lights will be exactly what you want, as they will have been designed by you. Nobody else will have anything quite like it, and that’s a guarantee!

Creating your own luminaire is a fun and creative process. Whatever form you want your light to take, we can make it a reality. All you need to start is an idea, and then you’re on your way! If space is limited, why not go for something that’s simple yet makes a statement? Or maybe you want something that’s more ‘out there’, or a design that doesn’t seem to be available to buy anywhere else? We’ve created lights that are minimalistic (think The Zig Zag or The Frame) and lights that are more intricate with that extra ‘wow factor’ (The Spider’s Web and The Rib Cage come to mind).

So once again, picture the scene. You’ve invited some friends round for some drinks and one of them spots your brand new, bespoke copper-art luminaire sitting on your sideboard. It’s just the right size, goes with your décor and is exactly what you envisaged when it was merely a fleeting thought in your mind. Whilst you’re pouring the drinks, one of your friends compliments your new light creation and asks where it’s from…they think it’s what they’ve been looking for to put in their living room. You turn round and apologise, explaining that you designed this piece from scratch and that it isn’t available in the shops. You’ve created a truly one of a kind luminaire that reflects you and your personality.

If you’ve got an idea for a luminaire that you want to discuss, get in touch with us here at Light’Artedly. We’ll take your vision and make it a handcrafted copper reality. We work alongside you throughout the whole process, discussing all the details, right down to the type of light bulb you want. You can give us a call on 01775 714832 or send us an email to We’re waiting to hear from you.

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