Looking ahead the future is exciting!

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I have been very happy and settled at the level my business has been over the last few years but I sense a change in the wind  and now I have several projects on the go this year that will hopefully move my business up a notch or two .

The first thing that has come my way this year out of the blue following a RT I did last month, is an invitation from a multi award winning wedding jewellery and hair accessory company to make some of their jewellery up for them. I wasn't sure at first as these won't be my designs but I have agreed to a trial run with them and at the end of the day it will enable me to expand my own jewellery business, whether that will be to renew my website or pay for wedding fairs where I can promote my own jewellery – we will see, one thing is for certain, if I am making wedding jewellery every week,  my mind will be focusing more on that area, so I expect my own designs to aim more towards weddings again.

The second major event this year will be my very first exhibition. This will be held for the whole of May in Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall, I have a general idea of theme and three titles are currently flitting about in my head. I am expecting there to be a great deal of knitting and wire and bead work involved and it won't all be jewellery, the plan is to have some 2D items included too! I am very much looking forward to it although I have less than 100 days to get that organised!

There are other things afoot but I will save those for another post – In the meantime this is my new make for today  introducing 'Candice' 



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