Cleaning’s cleaning, surely?

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We were all asked to do a 60 second presentation at our local networking group about what makes each of us different. What sets our respective businesses apart from the competition? There was a general feeling amongst our fellow networkers that we would struggle with this task. “Cleaning’s cleaning, surely?” they said.

Well, the web designers were confident they had greater technical knowledge and creative flair, and the photographer felt his multi-megapixel super-duper zoom camera coupled with his eye for composition and perspective gave his a competitive edge. The accountants accounted more accurately, the insurers insured more instantly, and the human resourcers resourced humans omnipotently. Everyone, it seemed, had a USP that placed them ahead of the pack.

Then it was our turn.

“It’s true,” I said, “That in our industry it is difficult to make a difference when vacuuming a carpet or dusting a bookcase, but let’s look at what makes it possible for us to carry out these tasks.”

“To get that vacuum pushed across that carpet we have interviewed 20 potential new staff, and through a rigorous selection process that includes thorough reference checks and a full day’s work trial, we have narrowed the applicants down to just 2. Where necessary we will arrange a Disclosure and Barring Service check, and then set them to work with one of our Lead Cleaners who will monitor and measure their output and quality during and after every work assignment. During this time we will conduct in-house training on: customer service, use of equipment and materials, manual handling, health and safety compliance, quality control, industry best practice, company documentation and developing their attention to detail.”

“We will have received representation from several vacuum suppliers and manufacturers, and witnessed countless demonstrations. Our knowledge of amperage, wattage, sealed suction, airflow, filtration and capacity has allowed us to select the best machine for each specific surface.”

“The work area has been thoroughly Risk Assessed and the cleaning operative is familiar with, and understands the risks. The assessment has been added to the on-site documentation along with Method Statements, Material Safety Data Sheets, COSHH policy, copies of insurance certificates, PAT test data, emergency procedures, Key Performance Indicators, quality and audit inspection result data and full contact details.”

“Once a new staff member has been confirmed in post they will be booked on a City & Guilds Basic Cleaning and Hygiene course. Their future work assignments will be subject to scheduled and unscheduled inspection and audit and they will continue to receive toolbox training and mentoring from our senior team.”

“We’re not different from the competition, we’re better because our attention to detail starts with a job application and ends with the customer’s expectation being exceeded.”



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